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“Using the scribble to prepare for the meeting did make a difference, and brought me to a perspective that I’m sure I wouldn’t have reached with just thinking it through.

I was presenting a proposal seeking approval to go ahead.
I was worried about objections being raised as I really see this as the only way the project will be able to continue and I’m really invested in it continuing.

At the same time I was worried myself as the project is risky.

Before preparing with the scribble my worries may have leaked into my presentation, inadvertently inviting objections
or have tried to present with a confident ‘face’ in an attempt to push it through on enthusiasm and apparent confidence in the project.

What I saw in the scribble from the different perspectives flowing rounded shapes as well as pointed, jagged marks.

– these allowed me to affirm the hopeful nature of the project and also to acknowledge and accept that there are dangers.

– this didn’t take the dangers away but went from being fearful of them to acknowledging and accepting them which had a calming effect.

I then saw what looked like a topological map, a whole, bigger picture

– seeing the whole, bigger picture led me to a hopeful sense, that ‘life is a wonderful adventure or it is nothing!’

I think the scribble process which identified threats has enabled me to accept objections with reasonable equanimity as a possible expected part of the process.

After that I believe I present in a balanced way, internally acknowledging the risks and dangers.
One query was raised but didn’t prove to be a barrier and approval was given for the project continuing in the proposed way.

So thank you scribbles!

K. Project Co-ordinator  Used the scribble to prepare for a significant meeting

I approached Pauline for scribble coaching because I was blocked with where I wanted to take my business. I needed help to shift out of too much fruitless thinking about the problem, to look at it in another way altogether.

Scribbling has given me an entirely unique, fresh perspective. I’m really getting to the bottom of what has been blocking me.  

Pauline was brilliant at encouraging me to let go and just scribble! She was insightful in helping me interpret the scribbles, connecting them back to my business challenges.

Each session built upon the last, revealing surprising and unexpected insights. Initially, I felt like I wasn’t attracting the clients I wanted and that my business was fumbling along. After the first session, I realised I had let my reserves run rather dry by not having support networks in place and skimping on self care and fun. The second session helped me explore what I was allowing myself to be and to do and my self-imposed limitations, particularly around conforming and people-pleasing. This led to an exploration of what it means to thrive, really getting an in depth understanding. I discovered that for me it feels safe, expansive, inspiring, vibrant, and kind. In the fourth session, I delved into what it means to thrive consistently, realising the need to be authentic and true to myself.

Throughout the experience Pauline made me feel safe to explore deeply and really get to the bottom of what was blocking me. Scribbling took me beyond logical thinking and bypassed the “should’s” I was holding myself to, allowing deeper insights to emerge. Pauline’s questions helped me draw profound connections from my scribbles that I wouldn’t have made through talking alone.

I wholeheartedly recommend Pauline’s Scribble Coaching programme. Her warm and generous guidance made me feel safe to explore deeply. Thank you, Pauline!”

Emma Healey, ‘Horses Show The Way’, Equine Facilitated Mental Wellbeing Coach.

“I was in the process of deciding whether or not to take on a project that I knew would be very challenging for me.

My scribble allowed me to see opportunities that the project can offer while acknowledging my concerns. It helped me reframe the blocks I was putting in my way to see the growth opportunity that was before me.

I have clarity now and feel a lot lighter. The scribble technique and Pauline’s skilful facilitation and coaching was absolutely powerful.  I highly recommend working with Pauline to anyone.

Ruth Toomey  Executive Coach

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