“Our industry is undergoing a massive and often painful upheaval, and my job places me at the centre of a far from perfect storm.

Working with Pauline through a series of sessions, has brought me deeper self awareness and increased capacity to deal with the issues.

Pauline is warm, genuine, empathetic and truly effective.

Iain MacManus, UK Digital Media Executive*


“You created a reflective space for me to really appraise my circumstances. I’d never have done that for myself without you accompanying me.

The way you work is unique, it’s certainly not off the shelf. It enabled me to make my instincts conscious and also to appreciate the contribution I make. That’s priceless. No matter what my challenges were at any given time, you had a perspective, tool or technique that was appropriate, helpful and that shifted things.

There’s also an unexpected cumulative bonus effect, 80% of the value comes from consolidation in the last 20% of the programme.”
Jane McCall, Head of Service Excellence BUPA

Working with Pauline has renewed my passion for my development. The coaching programme we devised was highly effective in improving my business and personal relationships, and her intuitive approach has taken me to places I never knew existed before. For this expansion, I will always be grateful to her.”
David Berry, Senior Store Manager Tesco*

“I particularly enjoyed getting your unbiassed and fresh perspective on issues. You are positive and helped me see all the examples of what I was doing well when all I could see was what I hadn’t yet achieved, a viewpoint that was depressing for both myself and my team.

You’re also true to yourself and quietly challenge the status quo. This was liberating, encouraging me to do things in ways that suit my values and management style. It’s been particularly effective taking thinking time between meetings rather than having them back to back, as I used to think was necessary. Also restructuring the staffng so I have an assistant, means whilst I still have a fresh batch of 300 e-mails every time I come back to my desk, I now know if there’s something critical in there, it will be flagged up for me.”
Nina Crompton, Senior Retail Manager*

“I understand now, why I react the way I do to some people and situations and my life is starting to feel better balanced.

You help me to face things I’ve been avoiding, in a way that makes them less fearful.

You guide me towards answers but never tell me what to do and you’re adaptable, you are what I need you to be on any given day”.
Rebecca Howard, Senior Retail Manager*

“As we work together I am becoming more confident and positive in my work, and more open: more likely to ask for – and get – help, for instance.

I like your humour and quick wittedness, your patience and persistence when I wriggle around, and being guided without being manipulated. I found this quote and thought it summed up our work together.”

“What constitutes the good life is living a subtle balance between individual aspiration, society’s rightful demands, and human nature; and that absolute submission to any one of them will never do.”
Bruno Bettelheim The Informed Heart

Anne Delargy, Charity CEO

“I had got to the point of thinking *b***** it*. I was very stuck in what I thought was an intractable situation. Our coaching has shown me how to approach things from different angles and where there’s room to take more responsibility for changing things. I didn’t expect that taking more responsibility would lead to me losing the sense of weightiness that “it’s always me who has to do everything” but it did. Almost all of that weightiness has gone now

I very much like the sense that you’re never going to get lost in my stuff. I feel safe and listened to and my attitude, my feelings and my approach to this situation have completely opened up. I feel much more positive and it’s been noticed by everyone around me.”
Hannah Merriman, Managing Director, The Fun Fed

“I had a growing awareness that there were things about myself that I needed to deal with. I’d tried lots of things, different coaching techniques and models of thinking, but never got to the bottom of the issues.

I got more than I expected from our coaching. I didn’t expect to feel excited about things, that in the past, would have scared me. I’d have rationalised why not to do things and limited my potential.

Now people are remarking on the new me. I know this work has released not a new me but the real me and with it, a lot more drive. Your coaching has a light touch with deep impact, I think it’s because you want to really understand me rather than apply a process to me. I’ve made a step change but without great pain.”
John Metherell, Management Consultant, Cambridge Learning Associates.

“Working with Pauline facilitated a desperately needed, deep and profound change in my life. She had insights into my situation like nobody had ever done before and was able to pierce straight to the core of issues and guide me back to myself.

Her gentle, intuitive, humourous and compassionate energy never failed to reach my heart and I always left our sessions feeling deeply grateful.

I recommend her to anyone who wants to get in touch with, and live a life expressing, their deepest nature. I now do that in my work, life and relationships.”
Tish Greenheart, Author

Examples of client organisations

The Burton Group
First National Bank
The Fun Fed
Funky Raw Magazine
GP Surgeries
The London Drug & Alcohol Network
London Victoria
Marks and Spencer
MSW Technology plc
National Schizofrenia Foundation
National Semi-conductor
Penny and Giles Aerospace

*Some names and/or job titles have been changed at clients request to protect their privacy.
Job titles and organisations are those where clients worked at the time of coaching.

If you’d like more information about working with me, please feel free to get in touch.