An artful path to spiritual connection

I’m running a workshop in March, in person, in Hertford.

It’s an innovative, exciting new approach and I’m delighted to be sharing it.

More details and booking information here

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International Coaching Week




It’s International Coaching week and I’m celebrating.

Celebrating the life changing, transformational, blooming effect that working with a coach can have on our lives.

– quality of life
– wellbeing/burnout
– conscious leadership
– work life
– business

Each day hearing feedback from clients about the changes they’ve made despite thinking them impossible.

Plus the chance to find out for yourself whether coaching could help you… what changes would you like to see?

Throughout May I’m offering two ways to see for yourself

Open office hours.

1-2pm lunch hour slot
A chance, free of charge, to talk on skype about the changes you’d like to see in your life/work/leadership/business

and find out whether coaching could help

10 dates available – details below


Reduced price coaching sessions

If you’d like to try a session, the chance for a taster session at a reduced price

10 dates available – details below


Coaching sessions at 10am,

Open office hours 1-2pm

BST on these 10 dates in May

Wednesday 1st

Thursday 2nd

Wednesday 8th

Thursday 16th

Tuesday 21st

Wednesday 22nd

Thursday 23rd

Tuesday 28th

Wednesday 29th

Thursday 30th

How to book

  1. Email  with the  date and time you’d like, and a second option in case your first choice is already taken

and your skype ID

2. Send me an invitation to connect on skype. My skype ID is paulineesson

I’ll book you in and email to confirm.

That’s it. Excellent.

You’ve started, you’re on your way.






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Riches to be found through coaching with art

“Art can be said to be – and can be used to be – the externalised map of our interior self”

Peter London, No More Secondhand Art.


For about five years now I’ve been enjoying being able to see my interior self this way through coaching with art and find it especially helpful for the interior parts that don’t have words but need expression… need a voice.


“There are moments in our lives, there are moments in a day, when we seem to see beyond the usual.

Such are the moments of great happiness, moments of our greatest wisdom. It is in the nature of all people to have these experiences; but in our time and under the conditions of our lives, it is only a rare few who are able to continue in the experience and find expression for it.

It fills us with surprise. We marvel at it. But few are capable of holding themselves there. Intellectuality steps in and, as the song within us is of the utmost sensitiveness, it retires in the presence of the cold, material intellect. It is aristocratic and will not associate itself with the commonplace – and we fall back and become our ordinary selves.”

Robert Henri, The Art Spirit


This way of ‘seeing beyond the usual’ using art, has become a priceless source of riches that I’ve come to trust and to prize.

This year I’ve integrated ‘coaching with art’ into my coaching practise, offering clients the chance to also ‘see beyond the usual’ and to be guided by those insights

This 10 minute short video offers a contemplative meander through some examples of the riches that can be uncovered.



See what your innate wisdom has to say… if you’re intrigued, email or call to

  • Ask me anything
  • Book a coaching with art session looking at what 2019 could hold for you
  • Book a coaching with art session for anything that’s calling for your attention, and discover what your innate wisdom has to say on the subject


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Happy New Year


Happy New Year!

And welcome to new subscribers, thank you, you are so very welcome.

I’ve been giving some attention to the matter of what might make it a happy new year.  Is there anything specific you’re hoping to get here this year?

I’d be really happy to hear what you’re looking for, in the comments or in an email if you’d rather.

And generally, what do you hope for this year, for yourself, beloveds, community, the world?


Last year the best transformational work that happened with clients felt, and was described as, magical, life changing, and kind.

I’m a huge advocate of kind. I’ve seen miracles of stuck patterns dissolved with kind.

Far more than with punitive, nose to the grindstone, feet to the fire, challenging coaching.

And joy. And delight. Because it’s not the slog that will get us there, it’s the joy.

I’m making a start with delight, and what that is day to day, and plan on having delight as a buoyant foundation throughout the year.

This week it’s tulips and candles in the daytime in my office when it’s grey outside. Candles in the daytime! … there’s just something about it

I’m inordinately happy with them… I can’t tell you

Tell me what does it for you?


Tomorrow I’m out seeing a client in the morning and plan to go for coffee afterwards, to get the free foody magazine and choose my menu for the week from things I really fancy. Then my whole week will be full of things I’m really looking forward to eating. Mmmm hmmm.


Do let me know if there’s something you’d like to see here this year, and what makes you happy day to day.

Happy New Year!



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Conditions for thriving – 6th of 6 – daily practices

Photo by Brian Mann on Unsplash 

Where are you on the continuum from surviving to thriving?

If you’d like to be more thrive than survive, you’re in the right place.

I’m taking a look at the conditions for thriving over 6 weeks – a short video each week to start moving towards thriving.

Taking it gently, without judgement and most importantly, because it’s never the slog that will get us there, it’s the joy, enjoying the process, let’s see how far towards thrive we can get in 6 short videos…

This week – daily practices

The practices that will build the conditions in which you thrive

  • The intention to put into place things that work for you
  • The daily time and space to give that attention

No push, struggle, making hard work of it, gritty determination or nerves of steel required…

instead simple daily attention to what you need, to what the conditions are in which you thrive, and then attention to bringing that about.

Shall we, gently, without fanfare, begin?

If the conditions in which you thrive include fanfare, then of course, bring on the band : )

Last week was week five.

The qualities you bring.

You can watch that video here

 The six week programme looks like this

30/6 Week one – What is life for and in what manner would you like to live it?

Then a week each on John Ruskin’s three things considered necessary to be happy in our life’s work

7/7 Week two  – you must be fit for it

14/7 Week three – you must not do too much of it

21/7 Week four – you must have a sense of success in it.

“Not a not a doubtful sense, such as needs some testimony of others for its confirmation, but a sure sense, or rather knowledge, that so much work has been done well, and fruitfully done, whatever the world may say or think about it.”

28/7 Week five – the qualities you particularly bring and can give life to

4/8 Week six –  find and establish your own everyday practices that will build the conditions in which you thrive into your life

If you could do with a gentle move towards thriving,

Gentle being the operative word.  I’ve been working with a group for over a year in this way to make significant shifts through simply bringing our attention consistently to the things we’d like to change. It’s a gentle, kind way of bringing about change. No push, struggle, determination or hard work has been required.

Starting with acceptance of whatever the current situation is, without the tense energy of resistance or shame, moving to having  a sense of how you would like things to be and then bringing regular attention to the new.

This week is the final video in the series and it’s time for action. Shifting attention from the conditions for thriving to how to bring them about. The practices you can put in place to bring about the changes you’d like.


And do come and ask any questions or leave a comment

I’d love to hear what you’ve decided to do


You can watch the video here if you’re getting this as an email and the video box is blank


If you’ve enjoyed this series and would like more for your personal and leadership development – sign up in the box, top right on the blog page where it says ‘news- how to make business better’ for more, (rarely more than once a week) sent straight to your inbox.

Even more than that?

If your interest is piqued and you want more thrive and would like some help to get going I have coaching spots available.

We can plot your route to thrive.

Get in touch here and we can talk about what would work for you.

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