Sarah’s A-Z

How do you keep your soul levels topped up?


How do you keep your soul levels topped up?

Here’s Sarah’s A-Z.

I’m amazed at how many of Sarah’s are also mine, (apart from the big hairy biker, my big hairy biker position is currently vacant).

(Edit – this was written many years ago and we’re now more questioning of Amazon’s working practises)

Asides from that though, I’m beginning to think that she is me, and I’m her, and that we broke off unknowingly from our core self at some point and have been living parallel lives ever since.

Then again I wonder if there’s a sort of core of soul topping things that we all share.  Let me know.

And if you want to get in touch with Sarah just e-mail me and I’ll pass you on.

Sarah’s soul food A-Z

A- Amazon! Book shopping-24/7-heaven….and that lovely page where they make suggestions, just for you. Oh and the wish list thingy that you can idle away hours filling up. And lovely parcels a few days later.

B- Big Biker Hugs. (or BBH’s as we call them in text speak) Not that I make a habit of cruising for affection at the ACE café you understand, but a big hairy hug from me old fella is very restorative.

C- Cleaning. Just call me Monica (that’s ‘er off of Friends, not the Lewinsky woman) The act of it as well as the result cleanses me of wrath and other soul destroying emotion.

D- Domestic goddessery. Not so much your regular housework (despite ‘C’ above) but more your cake making. Baking I find very restorative, and above all it makes my hair smell nice. As well as the whole house. And I give my bosomy wonders to others so I don’t get too tempted to eat them all, so it gives pleasure as well. Hurrah!

E- “Evs” This could be either of my brothers, as we all use the same nickname for each other. I adore my wonderful relationship with these 2 people who are just like me, only men. People who understand me at a deep genetic level. And environmental since we all had the same mum! I speak to one or other of them most days, and we always have a knicker-wetting laff when we are all together.

Oh and Ella of course, my little lady aged nearly 7 going on 27. Delicious child: great company, very funny, makes me cry with pride on a regular basis…ooh I’m off….

F- THE word. Saying it (a lot…ahem), doing it (not as much as I could be)…need I say more. Also ‘father sky’- when I am feeling stressed, lying on my back and looking up into vastness is very soothing. Doesn’t work so well in Oxford St however…

G- Gorgeous. The word, the attitude, the compliment. Looking around for gorgeousness reminds me to focus on good stuff, and telling myself I am when I am feeling anything but helps too.

H- Harley Davidson. Being a pillion on one. Such a treat! and also one place where I NEVER back seat drive, so I can relax and go ‘off duty’. And Heat magazine. Laugh out loud, forget-yourself fluff.

I- Intuition. I always regret ignoring it. Very helpful when I am tempted to get all ‘heady’ and over analytical. Restores my faith in what I just ‘know’

J- Johnny! Me man!

K- Karaoke! How much do I love my karaoke machine? Ask all my friends. Those I have left. What better than a sing song to chase the blues away, or bring them in (but only the musical sort) I have been known to get the machine out and have a blast on my own of a morning. No audience required. Oh and while we are at it, Kate Bush. The sound of my youth and my favourite karaoke ‘turn’! I can still lose myself in one of her albums.

L- Love. In all its guises: tough, tender etc. Also the question “what would love do?” And Lush bath bombs.

M- Mucking around. Being juvenile in all its forms. How to feel better instantly!

N- Naughty. Such a desirable quality, particularly in one who wants to do ‘M’ above. Where would I be without a good dose of being naughty, usually with David Cripps.

O- Outdoors. Blowing the cobwebs away.

P- Penny, my best friend of 38 years: phonecalls, pouring a drink, pouring it out…

Q- Quiet

R- Ragdale- by far the best spa retreat- mainly cos the staff are so lovely but also cos they have a great little room called the retreat full of comfy chairs and quilts where you can go to sleep…mmmmmmmmm…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

S- Sushi, my favourite treat; speed dating (got me out of self pity and into dating again!)

T- Tomatoes that smell like tomatoes and remind me of my granddad and his greenhouse

U- Understood. As in being understood. Like letting out a big breath you have been holding for ages. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahh………

V- Vegetables! So delicious, so clean, so fabulous. Can’t get enough of ‘em. What better way to stuff yourself and still feel good inside.

W- Weeping. I love a good cry! Trouble is, as I get older, seems I’m ‘off’ at the slightest provocation: adverts, the news, Ella performing in any way however minor e.g. school assembly. School assembly in and of itself! I’m off as the 6 year olds start filing in for god’s sake… Certain songs I can’t even get beyond the first line on the karaoke… Hymns, and I’m an atheist!

X- Xtravagance. Upgrade yourself, go on, you know you want to. You’re worth it…

Y- Yelling. Sometimes only a good shout will do me. Followed swiftly of course by reparation….

Z- Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Lovely sleep, the great healer. I LOVE my bed. I love to sleep. I love big duvets and deep soft luxury mattresses…..I….(yawn)……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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