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Happy New Year

Really happy. Truly only what makes you happy. I wish you nothing less.   I hope you’ll join me in 2012 to make it a year of pleasure for you. Yes, you.   How close can you get to ‘do nothing unless it’s a pleasure’   Good night 2011 Wishing a very happy and pleasurable […]

Best stocking filler ever!

Here I am talking about why The Pleasure Assessor is the best stocking filler you will ever buy! [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/34127417[/vimeo]   And here’s where to take your clicky finger over to the buy now button   Wishing you a very very Merry Christmas kisses  

Miracles for 2012

      Hello. How are you today? A pleasurific day I hope?     Now, before I reveal the big, big news, did you read The Pleasure Manifesto last week? And did you have an answer to the question? THE question. The one about the rest of your life and how it’s going to […]

The Pleasure Manifesto

The Pleasure Manifesto   hello my name is Pauline Esson and this is my question to the world well, let’s make that a bit more personal my question to you   is your life a pleasure? that’s quite a question, let’s leave a minute for that             and if it’s […]

A life of pleasure

Excuse my face on the opening screen of this video. It looks more like I’m living a life of torture than pleasure. Very funny. Apart from that though, join me in the great pleasure experiment?   http://vimeo.com/32790601   PS. The multi millionaire that only works afternoons 4 days a week that I mention in the […]