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When work is a pleasure.

Being of Service. Well of course the question has to be…….Is it a pleasure? The thing that you do, the thing that you offer to the world in either a paid or unpaid capacity. Is it a pleasure? I love things to be simple. So for my year of pleasure and everything in it, including […]

Needs met, the easy way.

Equality Are we equal? You and I? Can you answer that now? Is it an unequivocal yes, as in ‘all men (mankind) are created equal’ or do you need to know some things about me before you can decide? What is it that would help you decide whether we’re equal? How many good deeds I […]

Just how difficult do you like things to be?

In this, my declared Year of Pleasure, the theme for April has been ease. I’m all for it. What do you think? Ease. A good thing or not? Are there voices of resistance jabbering at you about this? “Ease? You want an easy life?” *Splutter* “Well don’t we all, but life’s just not like that […]

The Pleasure report. Week 1.

The year of pleasure has begun. I know it’s not all neat and tidy and following the weeks of the year. But I decided not to let that bother me. If it’s killing you that it’s not all nicely aligned, you could always go back and make some notes for the last few weeks and […]

2010 The year of pleasure

With pleasure That’s what I’d really like to have had as the name for my new site, but I’m sure you can imagine the google searches I’d have turned up in had I done that. I settled on ‘with integrity’ but really, I’m taking that as the minimum standard, almost a given and the very […]