A wisdom led year

One thing I'd like in the year ahead is more wisdom. To be guided by and let the tone be set by that deeper inner source. And to make space for that to be heard.

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One thing I’d like in the year ahead is more wisdom.

To be guided by and let the tone be set by that deeper inner source. And to make space for that to be heard.

Please and thank you for more care, compassion and equality, at home, at work, in how business is done, and online. Eegads online *shudders*

Less please of hate, fear, fake news and post truth (lies)!

It is possible for us to set the tone for the year, in our own worlds.

Even when the external circumstances are not good. I know we can do that.

What you bring, the qualities you bring to the world matter, they create the climate we live in and we need them very badly.

If you’d like to set a different tone, I’m with you.

And I think it can be intentionally created. By the likes of us. The more of us the better.

I’ve been working with a group this year, helping each other to set the tone, despite external circumstances. There’s a lot we’ve been happy with

– a board of trustees previously locked into longstanding patterns of criticism and bickering now giving most of their energy and attention to their purpose, and becoming productive with so much more ease.

– traditionally fight laden family gatherings becoming actually enjoyable with the habitual impulse to criticise reduced to barely a whisper.

-coming to trust and value intuition. Not allowing it to be dismissed and so coming to doubt it as in the past. Now I’m listening and with it informing my world there is so much more ease, creativity and flow. So much more peaceful.

This has been no Disneyfied bubble – it’s been a particularly tragic and difficult year. With frightening health worries, and early deaths of celebrities and friends, as well as all the chaos and shock of this year’s politics. On many days the external circumstances were very much setting the tone and the inner qualities buried so deeply there was real doubt that they existed or would ever surface again.

And yet… in the swirl of all that is, who we are and the qualities we bring have prevailed. The wave upon wave of tragic circumstances have not kept them buried.

They can be trusted to prevail.

And thank goodness for that.

That we have a plan, can heal the divisions and take care of things.

The intent is there. The plan, not so much.

The good news is I don’t think we need a whole plan figured out before we start.

We do need to trust that we are enough and wise

and to see that maybe what’s missing is not a plan or wisdom but the space and time to listen for it.

“Through the tending of what seems at first just a whisper, through our breathing, and then speaking from that inner source, we find the voice of what has long been known in some inward reach of the psyche, about to discover itself only as it begins to speak.”

David Whyte

My inner source has this to say about encouraging the qualities we have to bring into being

Make the space, for the truth to safely surface

for what’s really wholehearted, to be safely felt

for what’s tight in there to unfurl a little

a little, a breath, a little more

it’s ok – it really is

what is there, in there, that is what’s needed

it’s alright – truly it is

take care with it, take care of it

unfurling, the beauty, the space

it can be, you can be

breathing again, deeper now, feeling the expansion

of the space, where you can be

where you can unfurl and be seen, seen, by yourself at least

what wants to be, to be seen

what wants to be taken into the world

the world needs it 

needs it especially now


Pauline Esson

Could it be that what’s missing is not wisdom but the space and time to listen for it.

On reading these words, a coaching client said

“That is exactly what it’s like to work with you.”

And the group said “Oh yes, that’s what we do here”

Starting with intent, create the conditions for listening to the inner source, then the discovery begins.

Set the tone for the next year

If you like the idea of having the qualities you bring set the tone for your year ahead and think you’d like to do that

and yet can’t quite picture how that would go

or imagine you’d do a whole lot better with some support

then I have an offer that you might like.  

 I’m hoping to bring coaching within reach for anyone wondering about just how different things could be with this kind of support.

How it works

‘Setting the Tone for the Year.’

is a coaching package to support you with your potential to change the face of your year.

3 x 1 hour coaching sessions, via Zoom

We will

  • make the space for listening to your inner source
  • understand and set out the conditions in which you thrive
  • focus on the issues or circumstances best served by the qualities that you bring.

So that you and what you bring can set the tone in your world.

This offer provides a taste and a beginning. Clients often continue to work together over the course of a year, this offer comes with the option for a further 3 sessions at the offer price of ‘what you can afford’.

If you already have an established practise of listening to and trusting your inner wisdom but there’s something else that you’d like to use the sessions for I’m open to tailoring sessions, let me know what you need.

It could be your gift to yourself, or someone else, that changes what’s possible in your New Year.

Your future self will thank you.

 – Three sessions, one per week to get started

– Sessions at 10am or 2pm GMT, Tue, Wed, or Thur

-Payment can be made by bank transfer or paypal invoice

There are 5 offer places available. If you think this could be just what you need I’d love to work with you. 

Book your place.

To book send me an email headed ‘Setting the Tone’

to pauline (at) withintegrity (dot) co (dot) uk ,  with the amount you can afford, I’ll send you available dates to choose from.  

I’m happy to answer questions or discuss anything you’re not sure of. Please do ask, I don’t believe there’s such a thing as a silly question.  Email and I’ll get back to you.


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