A-Z of Soul Food Part One

Do you have a stash of soul food ready for emergencies?


Do you have a stash of soul food ready for emergencies?

I’d like to think that you do.  For when you’re adrift from your soul, having a ready supply of the things that take you there, things that touch your soul, feed your soul, lower your shoulders, deepen your breathing and just make life feel better again. Essential store cupboard ingredients!

I read a few A-Z’s recently, not normally one for lists, curiously I thought this might make a good way of collecting up all my current favourite soul food.  I thought you could do yours too and then when you notice your soul’s feeling a bit peaky…voila…the cupboard is fully stocked and ready.

So here’s mine, part one (part two later but soon).

Why not do yours and share….I’ll put our collective favourites here for ideas and inspiration.

A Authenticity. Just anytime I see the real person shine out, no games, no pretending…heaven.

B Blogging encourager, Suzanne Falter-Barnes, this woman got me, the least bloggy blogger in the blogasphere to blog…she is obviously infused with soul and some other stuff too.

C Chicken Shed Theatre, North London, Excellence without Exclusion is their thing.  They do the best theatre I’ve seen outside the Edinburgh festival and EVERYTHING they do moves me.

D Dancing Five Rhythms, invited to dance how you feel, no steps to learn and no possibility of getting it wrong.  Bliss

E Elegant stretches from Flo, our cat. Divinely beautiful.

F Friends.  Janine, she can make me laugh so much, regularly doubled up complete with tears, her catchphrase, ‘laugh! I thought my knickers would never dry”. Well!    Jane she stands up for me when I’m in no fit state to do it for myself, a fierce and loyal friend and Jackie, Jackie listens like no-one else can, and others all with their unique things they do.

G Glass of wine or two, I’ll not close the door on you if you have a bottle of Fleurie or Montana Sauvignon Blanc in your hand! At my local watering hole it’s the rather good Villa Antinori Blanco. Sip savour, sip, savour..mmmm shoulders are sinking now. And just the name ‘Auntie Nori’ makes me smile.

H Holistic massage.  Not your off the shelf, 3 minutes per limb and 10 for your back…oh  no! Tailor made, just for you, as you are right at this moment, intuitively offered rhythmic slow steady flowing strokes when you’re frazzled and need soothing.   Quick, springy light staccato style when you’re flat dull and needing perked up. Better.

I Inspiration.  And Italy.

J Julie at the Estee Lauder counter in John Lewis, Welwyn Garden City. If you’re scared of make up counters go to Julie. She’ll hold your hand (metaphorically) and work step by step with what you want, not what she has decided would be good for you.  All will be well on your face. (NB. Always check colours outside in the daylight. Not inside the shop at the window, the indoor lights cast their hue).

K Kettles Yard in Cambridge.  Very special.  Gallery and house…the house is an absolute marvel of art as you might live with it in a house.

L Laugh, laugh, laugh. Keep checking how long since you laughed…any more than an hour’s too long.

M My wee man making me laugh. Dusting fish and 3D hoovering…hilarious.

That’s part one.  Part two soon

Send me yours.


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