A-Z of Soul Food Part Two

Does stone do it for you?

Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash

Does stone do it for you? (The photo?) It’s up there for me competing for the S slot.

And how’s your own soul food A-Z coming along? Why not build it up over the coming weeks.

Here’s part two of my current A-Z of soul food.

N Nessie, my Auntie Nessie.  102 and still flirting with the doctor!  She’s not actually 102 yet, I admit I’m exaggerating for effect, but she’s outlived all her brothers and sisters and I hope I still have her spirit as I advance in years!

O Overgrown gardens, not too much, just so they’ve lost their prim, over preened look and get all relaxed and natural looking so everything is soft on the eye…oh yes…shoulders down, so very relaxing.

P Poppies picture.  One day, my wee man was golfing in the morning and I was to collect him, have lunch and then walk the course together in the afternoon.  At one point, as we walked round, he dashed off and came back with a poppy he’d picked for me.  He’d seen it in the morning and had wanted to pick it for me but knew it would wilt before I got there and so decided to pick it on the spot when we walked around together!  Oh blink back the tears!  It’s dried and in  a frame on the wall at home now.

Q Quill.  I love my laptop and that my e-mail can be on the other side of the world in seconds.  But there’s nothing like writing with a real pen on beautiful textured paper and seeing how that slowed pace affects the forming and firming of your thoughts in the time it takes for the pen to cross the paper.

R Rosemary bread from my local deli.  Oh it’s GOOD!

S Star gazing on a lounger, maybe for two, with blankets and brandy.  Or stone. Having grown up in The Granite City (Aberdeen) it will always be up there for me.

T Tiramisu, I make the best in the world.  I don’t make it very often as it’s hell on the wobbly bits but when I do it’s to die for.  I’ll take on anyone in a tiramisu challenge. (Except Victoria who gave me the recipe).

U Understated elegance.  The orchid I was given for my birthday is a strong contender but Flo, our cat, wins again, she is THE most elegant creature I know.

V Victoria Wood.  So so funny.

W Walks.  Especially amongst trees.  So calming the presence of trees.

X X-mas. Especially the tree.

Y Yin.  And Yang.  Finding the balance…oooh not so easily done.

Z Zig zagging up a mountain path, slowly making vertical progress with the view getting more and more amazing at every turn.

Oh yes…..lovely…ego dropped, shoulders dropped, soul satisfied, every one takes me away.


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