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The good fight

    Red poppy to remember   White poppy for peace   The reason to remember So that it never happens again   But it is happening again. And again. Our success rate with it never happening again isn’t going so well We are still sending people to kill people. And people are still being […]

The Pleasure Report. Weeks 29&30. The whisky and megaphone edition.

Weeks 29 and 30 in the year of pleasure The Pleasure Week 29, thirty four points and a 34:1 pleasure to pain ratio Week 30, fifty one points and a 51:1 pleasure to pain ratio There can be no romping ahead into the regular report however, without mention of the 1 in those pleasure to […]

The Pleasure Report. Week 9. The short but strained edition.

This week has been unique so far in the year of pleasure. The number of things that were not a pleasure was more than those that were a pleasure. Pleasure 18, pain 19. Oof. Seriously off balance. Nancy Kline, the author of Time to Think, talks about an ideal environment having a five to one […]

Time Off

Wanting to bloom again, I’ve been attempting to give myself some time off, a bit of a daytime retreat.  To properly unwind, doodle a bit, paint a bit, journal a bit, read a bit,  play around with digital cameras (and decide if I want one so I can post my very own rather than stock […]