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Conditions for thriving – 3rd in series of 6 – we must not do too much work

    Photo by Brian Mann on Unsplash  Where are you on the continuum from surviving to thriving? If you’d like to be more thrive than survive, you’re in the right place. I’m taking a look at the conditions for thriving over 6 weeks – a short video each week to start moving towards thriving. Taking it gently, […]

Could kindness be the way?

Fiona Robyn, published novelist, psychotherapist, creativity coach and blogger at Writing Our Way Home extended an invitation to join her in a celebration of kindness.   As a practiser of  nonviolent communication and lover of all things kind, in and out of work, I enthusiastically agreed to join in.       This is what arrived […]

Inspiring Tales of Pleasure At Work

Do you know someone who can still find work a pleasure even in the current climate, who, when they talk about it, make your stress levels drop a bit and begin to remember there’s good bits? I’m gathering examples of pleasure at work. I’d like to post them here at the blog to provide inspiration, […]

When work’s far from a pleasure

    when work’s far from a pleasure ………’s time for a change A series of interviews with inspiring people who said ‘this has got to stop’. Different reasons, different answers, but they all knew that life and work could not go on as it was. It is with great pleasure that I give you […]