Ego, money, greed and snow.

The light is fading now.  It's been a beautiful day.

Photo by Kristjan Kotar on Unsplash

The light is fading now.  It’s been a beautiful day.

I love the snow, pretty much always and especially this year, after years and years of mild, it’s cold enough for snow and this is the second time this year already.
I also love what’s happened today in people’s reactions to the snow.
My son’s school, even though they had staff in and were open, said that, if they wished, with parent’s permission, children could leave school early.
You can imagine this was a no brainer for my wee man. ( Wee man is an affectionate rather than literal term, since he’s over six foot tall and 17 years old).
He’s been tobogganing now for hours and is soaked through and completely wide smile happy.
And, my big man’s director (big corporate place of work) called him to say don’t try to come in and call your team to say the same.
Two years running, a few years back when there last was snow, friends of mine were stranded on motorways trying to get home from work when their big corporate (director aspiring) managers wanted them to finish meetings even though the news was coming in that roads were blocking up fast.  Loads of them slept in the office after finishing the meeting.  Some slept in their cars on the motorway after finishing the meeting and attempting but failing to get home.
So I feel hopeful today. Greed and ego absent, wellbeing of people present.  It’s a good day.


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