Give Peace a Year – Meeting twenty

 Transforming violence and conflict of needs  in life, one word, thought or deed at a time.

Give Peace a Year posts are the notes from in person meetings aiming to transform the surprising levels of violence I found had crept into my everyday suburban life. I invited people to join me to Give Peace a Year. We started in February 2016 and ran for 3 years. Many surprising transformations to our stress levels, health and relationships were had. You can read the whole story of how it all began with my hair conditioner here.


With the aim of peace everywhere,

 starting here and now, transforming violence and conflict of needs  in life, one word, thought or deed at a time.

And because

it’s not the slog that will get us there, it’s the joy

for balance, things that warmed our hearts and made life a pleasure.


Starting where transformation is needed.

Examples from the group of peace lovers this week on Thursday 1st December

We have a first this time. Zero issues brought for transformation and a lot of things that were a delight, some of which are examples of people finding nonviolent ways to stand for and uphold what is important to them.

Pure joy all round then.

Cheers to that.


San Francisco passed many resolutions

amongst which was this

“be it further resolved that we will continue reforming our police department and building trust between communities of colour so all citizens feel safe in their neighbourhoods”


Surprisingly good food

In a regular and ordinary kind of pub, expectations for the food were also kind of ordinary. It was not!

Wonderful… thank you for the surprisingly good food

The Rising Sun at Potton


Standing Rock – women lead with peace

Women lead with prayer and vision and the men protect


Arts afternoon

Organised a Saturday arts afternoon and it was wonderful. Such a warm atmosphere. with everyone enjoying the time creating things together.

Also more time for art to come in a Soul Collage course retreat


And finally, for pondering…

Is peace boring?


Next in person meeting


Thursday 15th December, 7.30 – 9pm

The Salisbury Arms Hotel, Hertford

Four meetings till the end of Give Peace a Year



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