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Peonies and the prospect of a 21 hour work week

  Make an introvert happy Peonies and the prospect of a 21 hour work week That’s what’s a pleasure for me at the moment, my introvert self is particularly keen on this prospect.   The New Economics Foundation are proposing a 21 hour work week. Maybe working towards it over a decade They aim for […]

You CAN’T be too busy for this today

  OK. THIS is important. You mustn’t be too busy for this. Not today.   You put off thinking about this, reading this, because you’re too busy today. And tomorrow is the same. And because every day after that is also too busy, all of a sudden, the ‘too busy’ days are done. And so […]

Best stocking filler ever!

Here I am talking about why The Pleasure Assessor is the best stocking filler you will ever buy! [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/34127417[/vimeo]   And here’s where to take your clicky finger over to the buy now button   Wishing you a very very Merry Christmas kisses  

The Pleasure Report. Week 48 Year 2. The Pleasure Assessor edition.

Week 48 in this 2nd year of pleasure   The Pleasure One hundred and two points Forty three of those were at work And a 102:1 pleasure to pain ratio   A selection of the pleasure   I made something I’m so happy about my dear sweet thing. I made The Pleasure Assessor I’ve happily […]

Miracles for 2012

      Hello. How are you today? A pleasurific day I hope?     Now, before I reveal the big, big news, did you read The Pleasure Manifesto last week? And did you have an answer to the question? THE question. The one about the rest of your life and how it’s going to […]