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School Holiday Survival for Introverts

  It’s hard for them to understand that you need quiet You’re there so why can’t you play, NOW Understandable   Yet you DO need quiet Lest you begin to speak …in less than gracious tones Lest you land their dinner…elsewhere than on their plates Lest your blood pressure rises…to somewhat higher than healthy levels […]

Inspiring Tales of Pleasure At Work

Do you know someone who can still find work a pleasure even in the current climate, who, when they talk about it, make your stress levels drop a bit and begin to remember there’s good bits? I’m gathering examples of pleasure at work. I’d like to post them here at the blog to provide inspiration, […]

You CAN’T be too busy for this today

  OK. THIS is important. You mustn’t be too busy for this. Not today.   You put off thinking about this, reading this, because you’re too busy today. And tomorrow is the same. And because every day after that is also too busy, all of a sudden, the ‘too busy’ days are done. And so […]

The Pleasure Report. Year 3, Week 1. The greatest pain edition

Please be forewarned. This post is personal and painful. Stop now all those who don’t want to get into all that. I’ve been torn between curling up in a ball and hiding myself away, or instead letting the light get to the most painful parts in the hope that it will heal better there. I’ve […]

Happy New Year

Really happy. Truly only what makes you happy. I wish you nothing less.   I hope you’ll join me in 2012 to make it a year of pleasure for you. Yes, you.   How close can you get to ‘do nothing unless it’s a pleasure’   Good night 2011 Wishing a very happy and pleasurable […]